Room Needed

Guys…I’m not enrolled in the credit system…therefore, I don’t have any score. I’ve never been bankrupted or anything like that. I’m just one of the rare people that has never seen owning a credit card as something I really need to make a living. I have 20 years of clean living, no criminal record, never been evicted and have ALWAYS PAID MY RENT. Why doesn’t that stand for anything now a days?

I’ve never been subjected to this to find housing…now I’m facing being homeless over a score??? Where’s the true justice in this? Sad nobody cares until something like this hits them or their love ones.

It’s enough the rooms have become smaller and about $200 more expensive here since the devil (Trump) took office. How are we going to make a living here? Is this truly a move to make NYC only inhabitable for the greedy, selfish & grimy of the rich?

Anyways, I desperately need to find a room now and running out of time obviously.

For those still reading this…
Anyone with a heart… PLEASE HELP…

I wish to move in the new place ASAP or by July 1st.

What I’m searching for is a nice private room, $700 or less…hopefully bigger than the storage space I rent…

But as long as it’s nice, safe and clean is what matters at this point

Also, sain drama-free MATURE Roommates please. Having semi-psycho ones is why I’m in this bad situation of seeking for a new place.

I’d like to make arrangements to view the room ASAP.


I’m an Artist, a Freelancer in Marketing for 10 years now, a Brand Ambassador for Whole Foods Market & a few food/beverage brands and a Booking Manager/Event Planner/Organizer.

Trying to stay as close to the city as possible since that’s where I make my bread and butter. PREFER BK…but Queens will work.


My living preference is to live around decent people in a decent clean environment where I can live worry-free and focus professionally. I am a peacemaker with no attached drama. I prefer HAPPY & POSITIVE ENERGY…not selfish, arrogant and evil energy.

I don’t smoke and don’t bother anyone. I’m the “mind my own business” type of guy, but still super friendly and sociable when the occasion is right. I’m used to a quality class of living and look to keep it that way.

Paying my rent on time is of the utmost importance of my bills to me. I’ve never been evicted and never have not paid my rent on time in all my independent years of life. So I don’t look to start being late and/or unreliable and irresponsible now. This won’t be a problem you have to worry about with me.

Please let me know when is a great time to come and view the room.

Contact Me 646 820 0221

Thanks in advance.